Best Grace Caroline Currey Performances, Ranked (2024)

Grace Fulton became interested in acting at a young age, making her first debut in the TV series That's Life in 2001. Fulton would continue to appear in television series until she landed her first featured role in the 2007 indie film Badland. Her star would continue to rise, and after her marriage in 2022 and name change to Grace Caroline Currey, the actor would land two of her most significant roles to date, in the cult hit Fall and later as Mary Bromfield in the DC Extended Universe films Shazam! and Shazam! Fury of the Gods.

From a humble beginning, including minor appearances in tv, short films, and family entertainment to blockbuster star, we look at the best Grace Caroline Currey performances, ranked.

10 Revenge

Best Grace Caroline Currey Performances, Ranked (1)

Among her credits, Grace Caroline Currey has made multiple guest appearances across various TV Shows, including Jag, Ghost Writer, and Bones. However, her most significant guest appearance, lasting more than one episode, was in the ABC TV series Revenge.

Revenge follows the infiltration of an elite society by a young woman, Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp), seeking to redeem her father's name. Currey, who appeared in four episodes, played the young version of the main antagonist (Madeleine Stowe). While this role did not have much effect on the story, it allowed a young Currey to get her name and face out there in a fan-favorite TV series.

9 Our First Christmas

Best Grace Caroline Currey Performances, Ranked (2)

By simply saying "Hallmark Christmas Movie," most viewers in the know will get an idea of the type and quality of content and whether it appeals to them. For some, these movies mark an annual tradition to help bring in the holiday spirit, while others find them mass-produced and too generic to be of note.

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Our First Christmas is notable as being more focused on broader family dynamics beyond a simple wintertime romance as two older adults find love after losing their previous partners. Here, Grace Caroline Currey plays one of the many children at the first Christmas, merging the two families. This is a minor and early role for the actor, but for those who find Hallmark movies a guilty pleasure, Our First Christmas is undoubtedly worth a watch.

8 Annabelle: Creation

Best Grace Caroline Currey Performances, Ranked (3)

The second movie in the Annabelle series, Annabelle: Creation, acted as a prequel to introduce the origins of the haunted doll. Grace Caroline Currey had a minor role in the film Carol, one of the orphanage's inhabitants, the movie's primary location.

Despite this being a minor role, Currey having her name attached to one of the most successful modern horror franchises in The Conjuring Universe makes this a noteworthy credit. The film would also mark her first foray into horror, a genre where she would see greater success in 2022's Fall.

7 Hart of the Wild Bunch

Best Grace Caroline Currey Performances, Ranked (4)

Grace Caroline Currey has starred in several short films, and out of all of them, the most exciting project came via Hart of the Wild Bunch. An homage to The Wild Bunch, but with an all-woman group of vigilantes, the short is a fun nod to past Westerns with a unique perspective on the genre. Here Currey plays Zamora, one of the bada** women in the group, an entertaining role despite the short runtime.

6 Vampire Dad

Best Grace Caroline Currey Performances, Ranked (5)

Aiming to be a throwback to kitschy '60s horror flicks with a modern twist, Vampire Dad follows a family man turned vampire having to hide his newfound transformation from his family. This extends to his teenage daughter Susie, played by Currey, who has to navigate the follies of youth on top of having a bloodsucker for a dad.

While Vampire Dad failed to find an audience, due in part to its crass humor that felt out of step with the warm '60s vibes, the movie is still marked by some phenomenal performances, including Barak Hardley as Bob and Jackson Hurst as the titular vampire dad. Still, Currey holds her own and gets to flex her comedic chops as a youth in revolt. Even if the film lacks bite, it is worth checking out for those wanting to see more from the talented Currey.

5 Painted Horses

Best Grace Caroline Currey Performances, Ranked (6)

Sweet and inspirational, Painted Horses is one of those films that resonates with positivity, devoid of any violence or mature content. Following a teacher with a troubled past, Pam Hoog, played by Madelyn Deutch, decides to help a group of troubled youths by drawing from her own experiences. The film focuses on teaching personal values, learning, and the power that comes with being in control of one's own destiny.

Grace Caroline Currey plays Paige, one of the girls that comes under the tutelage of Hoog. While the film is restricted by its budget, the messaging and positivity come across with genuine sincerity. Moreover, as Currey's earlier career was defined by involvement in many wholesome, family-oriented content, she fits in perfectly within the cast of Painted Horses.

4 Most Guys are Losers

Best Grace Caroline Currey Performances, Ranked (7)

This is a romantic comedy about a young man, Bo (Michael Provost) who travels to Chicago to seek approval from his girlfriend's dad Mark (Andy Buckley), author of the fictional dating book Most Guys Are Losers, from which the film derives its name. Grace Caroline Currey plays Sandy, a supporting friend who thinks Bo is the ideal fit for his future partner.

While not having played the romantic lead in a film seems like a missed opportunity for the versatile and charming Currey, her role in Most Guys Are Losers was complimentary to the plot.

3 Badland

Best Grace Caroline Currey Performances, Ranked (8)

With much of Currey's career at this point being as a child actor, it is important to look at those performances and the trajectory they put her on to get her where she is today. Her first feature-length film, Badland deals with the harsh realities of war, and how it can affect a person once they return and have to integrate back into society after seeing horrors that are not relatable to the majority.

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In Badland, Currey plays Celina Rice, the daughter of Jerrie Rice (Jamie Draven), a soldier returning from the Iraq war. For such a heavy subject and pressures placed on the young actress to convey how elements like PTSD can affect the family, Currey gives a memorable performance that would serve as a precursor to her later stardom.

2 Fall

Best Grace Caroline Currey Performances, Ranked (9)

A single-location horror/thriller film, Fall was a minor hit, turning a profit at the theaters and gaining a fair amount of fanfare. Following two friends as they scale and get stuck atop a 2,000-foot-high abandoned TV tower. The ensuing fight for survival sees Currey's character Becky having to reconcile her past as she is faced with the prospect of death.

While the inherent suspense of being stranded drives the more exciting elements of the movie, Currey's performance as a woman struggling with addiction after the death of her partner is a complex character that the actor conveys with skill. In addition, her performance across from Virginia Gardner as Hunter is a sincere portrayal of friendship.

1 Shazam!

Best Grace Caroline Currey Performances, Ranked (10)

Currey would enter the DC Comics Extended Universe as Mary Bromfield, in Shazam! playing the younger version of Mary, while Michelle Borth wearing Mary's superhero costume. The sequel, Shazam! Fury of the Gods would see her in both roles as she donned the cape alongside Zachary Levi, who played Shazam.

While the sequel Shazam! Fury of the Gods struggled at the box office and was not as well received critically as the first film, Currey's role as Mary has been called a breakout role for the actor. It will truly be exciting to see where Currey goes from here, with her next upcoming project, A Lost Memory, presenting an exciting prospect to see her in the lead role of a romance/drama.

Best Grace Caroline Currey Performances, Ranked (2024)
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