Ebony Oiled Up (2024)

1. Gluing ebony to ebony - Mandolin Cafe Forum

  • Dec 5, 2018 · When gluing ebony to ebony what is the best glue? I know ebony is a very oily wood is there any special prep done before hand? Thanks.

  • When gluing ebony to ebony what is the best glue? I know ebony is a very oily wood is there any special prep done before hand? Thanks

2. Cleaning an ebony fretboard - The Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum

  • Mar 15, 2015 · naphtha is fine. then a few drops of 3 in 1 oil the smell will go away pretty quick and will give the board a fresh look.

  • I just acquired a 2009 HD-28. Lot of junk build up on some of the fretboard. Is it ok to is naphtha to clean this or should I just use a damp cloth? T

3. Ebony handle, putting a finish on it? - Kitchen Knife Forums

4. Fingerboard Oil For Ebony? - Page 2 - The Acoustic Guitar Forum

  • Feb 18, 2019 · I believe Martin used it to gloss up fretboards prior to sale, but as far as I know they use lemon oil now. Faith Mars FRMG Faith Neptune FKN

  • Page 2- Fingerboard Oil For Ebony? General Acoustic Guitar Discussion

5. Ebony fretboard care? | The Gear Page

  • Apr 20, 2022 · Baby oil or good quality furniture wax, left out in the sun to warm it up a little. I avoid the linseed oil based materials because they leave a ...

  • I read different opinions on care taking of ebony fretboards. Some say no fretboard conditioner is needed for ebony others do recommend to use it regularly. What is the consensus on this? The guitar in case is my Amalio Burguet 2F flamenco guitar. Thx.

6. Simone Iverson - Facebook

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7. Lemon oil on ebony fretboard? - Jazz Guitar Online

  • Sep 2, 2011 · I still have on ebony board left on a 1962 ES 355 that mainly stays in its case. Every six months or so I open it up, tighten the strings a bit, ...

  • I just received my Carvin 575 and under maintenance it recommends lemon oil to be put in the fretboard every year. This will prevent excess moisture w

8. Best Oil for Ebony Fretboards? - Page 2 - Electric Guitars - Harmony Central

  • Dec 29, 2005 · Lemon oil can actually replace the natural oils from Ebony Fingerboards and can actually end up drying them out more in the long run. If you ...

  • Posted July 7, 2020

9. Ebony Fretboard Cracks | The Gear Page

  • Jul 21, 2020 · I always keep my Rosewood and Ebony boards treated with mineral oil, and they've been good. ... Yes - it's usually made up of wood oils and seed ...

  • My ebony fretboard has developed some cracks...wondering if these can be fixed...these are under the fret markers. The first pic runs from 15th to 22nd fret.

Ebony Oiled Up (2024)
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