Guitar Center’s Fourth of July sale just dropped early with huge savings of up to 30% off gear (2024)

Guitar Center’s Fourth of July sale just dropped early with huge savings of up to 30% off gear (1)

The Fourth of July is just over a week away, but Guitar Center has already started rolling out the discounts to celebrate. With huge savings of up to 30% off a range of guitar gear, it’s an awesome opportunity to bag yourself a new guitar, amp, or guitar pedal. The sale will carry on past the big day all the way to July 10th, so you’ve got a little bit of time to choose what you like - just be aware some items may sell out before then.

There are loads of big-name brands on offer including Fender, Gibson, Epiphone, Boss, Line 6, and many more. The emphasis seems to be on electric guitars, with a lot of different brands represented and many types including more shred-heavy metal guitars all the way to semi-hollow instruments. There are not quite as many deals on amps and pedals but there are a good few to choose from, so if you’re looking to upgrade your pedalboard or backline you can definitely find some here.

Guitar Center’s Fourth of July sale just dropped early with huge savings of up to 30% off gear (2)

Guitar Center 4th of July sale: Up to 30% off
If you’re looking for a new guitar, the Guitar Center sale is a great choice for a Fourth of July bargain. There are some amazing deals on metal guitars from Jackson and Schecter, as well as lots of other choices with more classic Strats, Teles, and LP guitars. Pedals and amps have some select savings on offer and there are even a few deals on audio interfaces if you want to up your recording game.

As guitar gearheads ourselves, we had to have a look at the sale and see what we’d go for. First up, there’s an absolutely stunning-looking Epiphone Les Paul Traditional in an eye-catching Worn Pacific Blue. That finish probably won’t please traditionalists despite the name, but we think it looks rather fetching. It’s got a nice $100 discount in the sale, and it’s an excellent way to get close to the tone and looks of a full-fat Gibson without spending huge sums of money.

Next up our eye was caught by the Boss RE-202 Space Echo, which has got a tasty $80 reduction at the moment, taking the price down to just below the $300 mark. The Space Echo will need no introduction to most, being one of the most iconic echo units ever made, and the RE-202 gives you all of its power with some more modern flexibility in a more pedalboard-friendly format. We gave it five stars out of five in our Boss RE-202 Space Echo review, praising it for its wide variety of options and ultra-accurate emulation of the original unit.

If you fancy a new acoustic, we’ve always loved the Epiphone Hummingbird. This Tobacco Sunburst version has got $80 knocked off the regular price, which was already excellent value for money. It’s a striking-looking guitar, although a little more subtle than the Cherry Red version. It’s not just got good looks either though, feeling absolutely lovely to play with a nice low action and slinky neck profile.

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Guitar Center’s Fourth of July sale just dropped early with huge savings of up to 30% off gear (3)

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Guitar Center’s Fourth of July sale just dropped early with huge savings of up to 30% off gear
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Guitar Center’s Fourth of July sale just dropped early with huge savings of up to 30% off gear (2024)
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