Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (2024)

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (1)

The Infested aren’t done with you yet, Tenno. Return to the grotesquely beautiful Cambion Drift and dominate the landscape in a whole new way with Bonewidow, the sword-wielding Necramech. Take on new Isolation Vault Bounties and Conservation efforts, explore uncharted caverns deep within the Infested Moon, and fight fire with fire using all-new Infested Weapons.

New Necramech: Bonewidow

Introducing Bonewidow, a robust front-line Necramech that favors armor and health over shield strength. Impale and hurl enemies from the battlefield, or fight them up-close with an exalted warblade and heavy shield.

Morgha Rocket Launcher

An ancient Entrati weapon that blasts through enemies with a double-barreled shot of energized slugs.

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (2)

New Isolation Vault Bounties and Underground Levels

Delve deep into unexplored Entrati Vault ruins as you take on three new Isolation Vault Bounties! Complete the initial Isolation Vault tier to unlock a new offer from Mother.

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (3)

New Enemy: the Mitosid

The legs are coming, Tenno! Previously known as the “Splitter”, the unpredictable Mitosid hunts its prey using vibrations from the surrounding environment. Surgical precision is recommended with this enemy, as the Mitosid has evolved to physically rip itself in half to survive!

New Fishing and Conservation

The wilderness on Deimos is teeming with fauna, and Arcana introduces two new Infested beasts to be trapped, captured and protected: the amphibiously freakish Undazoa, and thwomp-like Nexifera. Those looking to relax near the exocrine will also be happy to know that two new species of fish — the parasitic Flagellocanth and three-tailed Lobotriscid — will now be available to catch. Good fortunes, Tenno!

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (4)

Mend the Family

Deimos may look dead and decayed, but it’s chock-full of useful Resources. Visit Grandmother in the Necralisk to exchange any extra Resources you might have for Entrati Family Tokens. The kind of Token available for trade randomizes every few hours, so visit regularly to obtain extra Tokens of your choice!

Gara Kaleida Collection

Dazzle with this scintillating collection of deluxe Gara items. Features the Gara Kaleida Skin, Starglaze Shards, Glistor Syandana and Rephrax Longsword Skin.

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (5)

New Augment Mods

Harness your Warframe’s full potential with these new Augment Mods for Gauss, Garuda, Revenant and Wisp.

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (6)

Tenno Reinforcements

As the Infestation grows in strength, so must your firepower.

Cambion Armaments Collection
New weapons have emerged from the seething horror of the Infestation, each bringing a fresh, living aspect to their power. Featuring the bile-loaded Catabolyst Pistol, Proboscis Cernos Bow, Pulmonars Nunchaku, and the devastating Bubonico Arm Cannon.

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (7)

Splatter enemies with a short-range stream of corrosive bile and then toss the ammo bladder as a grenade when reloading. The emptier the pistol’s ammo bladder, the more potent its damage. A fully empty bladder packs the biggest punch.

Proboscis Cernos
Each arrow spawns a swarm of sticky appendages on impact. These tongue-like probes latch onto nearby unfortunates and drag them close before bursting into a mess of diseased goo.

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (8)

Pummel and infect with these two pulsating hunks of flesh connected by a ligament. Take-hold of the malignant evolution of an ancient martial weapon.

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (9)

Rain down a triple volley of explosive disease bladders from a distance, then move in for the kill by unloading a multi-shot barrage of toxic barbs with primary fire.

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (10)

Arum Spinosa
Slash through enemies with two leaves of the exceedingly rare Arum Spinosa plant. Heavy Attack to whip a flurry of toxic spines at ranged attackers.

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (11)

This long-distance rifle fires a razor-sharp, virus-soaked barb that continues to attack its host before violently erupting in a spore-laden mist. Scoped headshots increase lethality.

Infested Kitguns
Acquire unsightly Infested components from Father and incorporate into your Kitgun!

Infested K-Drive
Grandmother has gotten her hands on a new Infested K-Drive and it can be yours by completing each of her Races in the Cambion Drift! Once you’ve acquired the Ferverspine, Gristlebuck, Nodulite and Steeba parts, visit your friend Roky in Fortuna to build the Infested K-Drive!

New Necraloid Syndicate Offerings
Heart of Deimos introduced you to the Entrati family’s loyal servants, now Deimos: Arcana lets you stamp their distinguished look on your Sentinel with the new Loid Sentinel Skin! Available as a Necraloid Syndicate Offering, along with the soothingly elegant Entrati Ayatan Sculpture.

Plus, bring Deimos to your Dojo with the Entrati Dojo Decoration Set, gnarly Infested Decorations and a breathing, pulsing Infested Chamber!

Additional Changes:

- Necramechs (Bonewidow and Voidrig) now have a built-in vacuum!
- Earn up to 3x more Deimos Conservation tags depending on the quality of your Capture. Test your skills and get a perfect capture!
- Glaive Rework: More consistent Heavy Attack damage, Glaive throws while sliding, and multiple throws in a single jump make Glaives more maneuverable and versatile than ever!
- Vome and Fass time indicators now appear when viewing the map inside the Necralisk hub!
- Added a “Requirements Met” category to the Necralisk vendors. Selecting this category will sort wares based on whether you have the necessities to purchase them.
- Reduced the self-stagger range of the Shraksun Scaffold, Granmu Prism, Exard Scaffold, Dissic Scaffold and Propa Scaffold for Operator Amps.

Console Additions

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (12)

New TennoGen Bundles

Three new TennoGen Bundles are coming to Console, featuring eye-catching Customizations from Round 19: Part 1.

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (13)

TennoGen Bundle LII

Gauss Graxx Skin by Faven
Gauss Agito Skin by Rekkou
Grimstone Heavy Blade Skin by Vulbjorn, the graphical walrus
Obanakk Heavy Blade Skin by VoidPunch
Osiris Polearm Skin by Lubox

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (14)

TennoGen Bundle LIII

Hildryn Sigrun Skin by malaya, Jadie, and Awk'Q-Luz
Mag Corpra Skin by FrellingHazmot
Mirage Kitsune Skin by kakarrot2812 and Skyeraikes
Zephyr Blade of the Lotus Skin by BeastBuster
Titania Viraji Helmet by malaya and blazingcobalt

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (15)

TennoGen Bundle LIV

Night Hunter Syandana by Mz-3
Ranulyst Syandana by led2012 and daemonstar
Tsujinasa Syandana by BeastBuster
Blaze Oculus by blazingcobalt
Xulatu Chest Armor by led2012
Mantis Lilieae Skin by MaceMadunusus

Stay tuned in the New Year for details about Round 19: Part 2!

Nintendo Switch TennoGen Bundles

New Bundles featuring highly-requested items from the entire TennoGen timeline will be available for our Switch Tenno.

Switch Bundle V

Ivara Youkai Skin by Hitsu San
Arcturus Syandana by FrellingHazmot
Nova Lamia Skin by Wei-Zi and Mz-3

Switch Bundle VI

Ember Magesty Skin by prosetisen and Cheshire
Limbo Venari Helmet by Volkovyi and Sab531
Zaikhya Syandana by Malaya and Cobalt

Switch Bundle VII

Excalibur Caduto Skin by Hitsu San
Raiji Syandana by led2012
Tengoken Heavy Blade Skin

Switch Bundle VIII

Ash Bai Hu Skin by Hitsu San
Volt Arrester Helmet by Rekkou
Kilzorath Heavy Blade Skin by Arsenal

Nintendo Switch Remaster

Deimos: Arcana is a remastered update on Switch! The download size will appear larger (20.4 GB) than the update’s actual total size, due to the remastering process. Once it is complete, however, Warframe’s total size on the Nintendo Switch will be approximately 21 GB. Make sure you have at least 21 GB free on your Switch in order for the download and its remaster portion to begin!

Xbox One Texture Remaster

The Xbox One update for Deimos: Arcana will include remastered textures! Since most textures are affected, they need to be rebuilt and reinstalled. In lieu of a full-size remaster like what we did with Heart of Deimos: Interim Update 29.2.1 (where you would be required to redownload the entire 31.2 GB game), we are including the full texture remaster - as is - at 13.4 GB, allowing you to get into Deimos: Arcana that much faster!

PlayStation 5 Trophy Update

All previously unlocked Trophies on PS4 will auto-unlock on your PS5 once Deimos: Arcana has been downloaded.

Additional Console Changes

In addition to the aforementioned console additions, we’ve also tweaked deadzone values for controller analog sticks, added additional Nightwave Prestige Ranks and so much more. Head on over to the Forums for PlayStation, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch to read up on the rest of the exciting changes!

Strike back against the Infested and show the Grey Strain that the fight for the Infested Moon is far from over. With tenacious new firepower and gear, the future of Deimos is in your hands.

Warframe: Deimos: Arcana (2024)
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